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Discover VBIO.

Our services.

Project Curation and Development 

Upon receiving projects from different parts of the country, our team carries out a careful evaluation to establish the strategic alignment of the proposals. Our goal is to ensure the best performance of sponsored projects, contributing to their success and positive impact.

Furthermore, our commitment goes beyond the initial stage. We closely monitor progress indicators and project accountability, ensuring security and transparency for all partners involved. 

Sponsorship Acquisition and Allocation

At VBIO, we offer specialized  sponsorship acquisition and allocation/ funding acquisition and allocation services, connecting inspiring projects that value Brazilian biodiversity with sponsoring companies. Our platform offers visibility to a variety of initiatives that address topics such as family farming, community development and women's empowerment, and are ready to receive resources from corporations around the world. 


By raising and allocating resources, we work as a bridge between organizations seeking financing and corporations wishing to invest in sustainable initiatives. We value transparency and reliability, and our platform allows companies to find projects that align with their values and interests. 

Responsible Sourcing 

We offer the Responsible Sourcing service, which seeks to promote sustainable community development, by integrating vulnerable communities into the market. With an extensive network of over 1,000 partner organizations, we map suppliers of inputs and raw materials aligned with sustainability principles. We prioritize strengthening communities, ensuring fair benefits and implementing responsible business practices, in addition to promoting biodiversity conservation. 

Special projects

Through the Special Projects service, we provide a personalized approach to searching for and structuring projects, Considering the specific demands and needs of our partners. Our commercial team is dedicated to identifying the best market opportunities, as well as the global commitments and goals to which your company is aligned. This ensures that project sponsorship represents the purpose of your business, creating synergy between your objectives and the sponsored initiative. 

About Us.

VBIO was created with the purpose of empowering thousands of global communities and companies by valuing Brazilian biodiversity. 

Through corporate solutions and socio-environmental projects available on our platform, we aim to help companies promote improvements in the quality of life for traditional communities and value the work carried out by them, in addition to ensuring the conservation of species from the Brazilian fauna and flora. 

Strengthening sustainability and adopting a more humane perspective on environmental issues is our main mission. 

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